Nova Scotia 2008

June 26 - Day 4

We Drove the coast to Halifax, and didn't take many pictures!!!
We were too busy having a great time riding the twisty roads along the coast.
The roads out of Yarmouth were great and with the Sun shining I was definitely having a great time!

Here we have to stop along another dirt road that we ran into!

As we were ringing along the coast, we'd go up an inlet and down the other side. It could take hours to get to the other side of a bay.

As we drove along we came across a ferry and decided to take it.

Here we just stopped waiting for the ferry

The ferry is across the channel

Whew! Loaded on the ferry and on our way!

It's just a little ferry.

That ramp folds down, but not flat! Once again, our dual sport skills come in handy!

Finally in Halifax at the Hotel. A Great day of riding!

The folks happened to get to the Hotel just a little before we did.
The Xterra Before Dad's Parking Deck Mishap.