Nova Scotia 2008

June 25 - Day 3

Today is the day we take the ferry to Yarmouth (Nova Scotia).
We were up pretty early; 4:30am.
We need to be at the Ferry at 7am for a departure at 8am.
In hind sight we were too early, but I was excited! Our crossing time would be 3-4 hours.

4:30am in Bar Harbor!

The Cat in the morning

Ready to Go!

Yep..we are early!

Cool! First on - First off! Being early DOES pay!!!

Another angle.

Inside the Ferry

Inside the Ferry

Loading the Ferry

Bikers coming on board. As it turned out we saw the several of the same bikers throughout our entire time on Nova Scotia

Pulling away

Pulling away

Coastal Maine



Not everyone had a smooth sailing. There were plenty of sea-sick folks on board.

Thar she blows!

After 3 hours or so, we arrive in Nova Scotia! Yarmouth!

The lighthouse in Yarmouth

The mandatory Sea Gull pic.

Bill pulls his bike off first, as he wants to ride to the Hotel.

After a long day, we head to the Hotel and the local fishing fleet heads out to sea.

The 'Cat" leaves on her return voyage to Bar Harbor. We are 'really' here.