Nova Scotia 2008

June 24 - Day 2

We leave N.H. for the final push to Bar Harbor, Maine. Once in Bar Harbor we will spend the night.
What a different day from yesterday! No rain!

We stop to admire a little stream and marvel at how quiet things are in rural Maine.

A little morning fog in rural Maine.

Another view of the rural road.

We stop for lunch on a lake in Naples, where there is a seaplane and a cool restaurant on the water.

Seaplane parking only!

Coming in for a landing.

After lunch we press on to Bar Harbor.

We pass the Penobscot bridge. looks like we yanks got our butts handed to us. It looks like the Brits waxed us.

Our rides.

Finally we arrive in Bar Harbor in the late afternoon.

I find my parents and the Xterra. We re-load the bikes for their trip on the ferry to Nova Scotia.

Loaded up for their ocean voyage tomorrow.

A happy face

The Coast of Maine

The Coast of Maine

The Coast of Maine

The Coast of Maine

We stayed next to the ferry terminal, and here is the 'Cat' Ferry.