Nova Scotia 2008

June 23 - Day 1 - To Nova Scotia!

The day starts out in rain, and continues in rain. We are prepared for rain, but we had no idea how hard it was to pour on us after Pizza House.
Whatever happens, it doesn't matter since we have to make Lebanon N.H. for our first night.
Technically the Motorcycle trip begins when we leave New York and work our way to Bar Harbor, Maine for the ferry to Nova Scotia.

I only have my top case on the ZZR because my parents have the Xterra and I loaded my side cases in the back of it.
I want to be as light as I can if we hit any twisties.
Past Massachusetts, there really isn't much civilization and we are alone on most of the highways.

Pizza House
36 State Rd Great Barrington,
MA 01230

Lat - 4212'5.94"N
Long - 7321'19.54"W


Rain all night before we head out.

In the middle of nowhere

We encounter some dirt roads, and we laugh that we are dual sporting!
Little did we know what was to come.

Hmmm..dirt roads because of spring repairs

Nice river while we wait for the flagman to wave us on.