Nova Scotia 2008

July 2- Day 10

We placed the bikes back on the trailer in preparation for the trip back to Maine. We had left the trailer in Yarmouth, and it was great to get everything back together and secured.

The ferry departs at 4pm, so we relaxed and walked around Yarmouth for the majority of the day.

We picked up some nick knacks and souvenirs, had lunch and thought about the trip.

Going home at last.

The fog comes and goes.


The fog stays.

The last boats we see in Nova Scotia

Motorcycles loading for the trip to Maine/USA

Looking back inside the ferry.

Nova Scotia (Atlantic Time) is 1 hour ahead of Maine (Eastern Time) so by the time we will get to Maine it will be around 7pm.

We had reservations to spend the night in Bar Harbor at the same resort.