Nova Scotia 2008

July 1 - Day 9

Time for a little Golf and a quick drive back to Yarmouth in the afternoon. Tomorrow we will catch the ferry back to Maine.

Talking to the staff at the Hotel, they told us that tourism was very "off" this year and that they were getting worried.

It seems that the weak dollar and gasoline prices are really taking their toll on the tourism industry in Digby (and Nova Scotia).

Time to look the bike over before we head to Golf.

Lots of mud from yesterday.

Nice course!

Bill with a tee shot

Walking to the green.

Where we just tee'd off from

The Golf course was pretty fun but diabolical. I usually shoot in the 90's, but after so many poor shots, I just let it go and had a relaxing round.

Maybe riding a motorcycle for something like 9 days straight has an impact on your golf game!

After golf we geared up and headed for Yarmouth.

In less than 10 minutes we went from casual Golf gear to motorcycle gear.

With the ride from Digby to Yarmouth, our Motorcycle Trip through Nova Scotia was ending. It was a weird hour or so.

The days riding through Nova Scotia were long and hard. Each day we averaged over 250 miles to get to our destinations and hotels.

After a nice relaxing round of golf, we wanted to stop riding motorcycles for a day or so to recover, but we knew this was a once in a lifetime trip on a motorcycle.

Bill and I drove the last 60 miles in near silence as we thought about what we just did.

The ride down the 101 took us through the wilderness on the Northwest end on Nova Scotia.

It was an amazing journey through Nova Scotia; It was hard to believe it was over.

All we had to do was get to Yarmouth and reload the bikes on the trailer.