GirlRiders and MotorCycle Database Memorial Day 2010 Ride

Tammy came to Suches Georgia with me in 2009, fell in love with the cabins at High Valley, and immediately reserved them for a 2010 trip. She got Katie over at GirlRiders excited, along with the women over at MotorCycleDatabase, and the plan came together.

Here is the thread over at MCDB

Here is the thread over at GirlRiders

We opened the ride up to our husbands and boyfriends and men who would be cool relaxing and having a great time while allowing us to do our thing. All the guys who were there were great! They definitely get another invite next year.

I led a group on Saturday.

We had three main riding groups for Saturday, with a pre-planned route. Sunday the folks wanted to a "Dragon" run and I wanted some alone time with Claus.

It also turned out to be a "ZX10R Rally" as there were 5 ZX10Rs there! Kawasaki was well represented!

Here is the route we took on Saturday. Click here for a big picture of the image below.

Here are some of the pictures from the weekend.

Katie coming back from a short ride on Friday. Getting a test for the roads and curves.

The glamour shot of Katie next to her bike.

Jason coming back from the same ride. Is that a HUGE smile on his face?

Nancy looking over her bike as she helps unload it from the trailer.

Nancy next to her 2nd generation ZX10R. Kawasaki all the way!

Shannon next to his Suzuki TL.

Nancy and Shannon Getting ready

Ah, here we are on the Cherohala on Saturday looking over at Tammy's bike. The captions I could put here.

From the left to right, Ken, Tasha, Jason, Fugi with Claus in the background.

Yep, no shortage of wise cracks at Tammy's expense!!!

That's Teresa on the left. With Ken and Claus.

Yep. Another to rub it in. (Love ya Tamm!)

Not bad from where Tam was calling the towing and Scott. Beautiful place to get stranded.

Claus and I decided to do a little riding on Sunday together. Here we are about to go and check on John's Tree on the Richard Russell parkway.

Awesome mist in the Georgia Mountains.

John's Tree is looking great!

Claus' ZX10R.

My ZX10R.

This is Mike. While not part of the event ...I seem to run into this guy wherever I go. Florida or Georgia, he seems to always be where I am.

Claus with his rain gear on heading back home on Sunday before the rain gets too bad.

After the main group's trip up to the Dragon (US129), Tasha and Fugi's hands are really that shriveled an purple. They were rained on pretty bad on Sunday.

Tasha after the ride on Sunday.

Scotts (Fizzer) FZ1

Jenn's CBR

Katie showing Jason her purple hands.

Jason showing me his purple hands.

Shannon and Nancy with a great big smile after a long day.

The Group Shot.

From Left to right - back row

Tony, Bill, Terry, Scott, Cathi, Teresa, Frank, Jason, Scott, Tammy, Tasha, Fugi, Shannon.

From left to right - front row kneeling.

Jenn, Katie and Nancy.

Since it was a "Girls Ride", Guru had to wear something appropriate.

Here is a link to a larger version of the above picture.

And since Tam's bike broke down TWICE during the trip, I took a special picture of what we were "really" doing on the Cherohala when she broke down.

With Tam's approval, I present the secret photo.