2007 Kawasaki KLX 250s Hose Protection

One of the vulnerabilities of the KLX are the hoses that are exposed to the front.
A "Bash Protector" serves the purpose of protection, but I haven't seen one that I feel looks good.
I also think in some cases, a "bash" protector is a bit of over kill.
I've also heard that "bash" protectors sometimes direct more noise up to the rider.
Aesthetically I nixed the "bash" protector route and decided to try out the Moose Racing "Hard Part" Hose Protector.

From the Moose WebSite here are the benefits and MSRP.

I ordered from a company on the web since Moose doesn't allow ordering these and they seem to be an "Exclusive" to Parts Unlimited.
How do you get yours? You have to order from either a dealer or a vendor on the web who deals with Parts Unlimited.
Not too cool as the Moose folks don't do drop shipping and send the parts to the vendor first, before you get them, effectively doubling the time it takes to send them to you.

I ordered three of the 25mm protectors since the hoses on the KLX are 1" / 25mm and you will need two protectors for the longer hose.

Technically, 1" = 25.4mm but it's close enough!!

Since the protectors were going to ride up against the hose clamp, I wanted something that looked more "finished". Yep, there goes my aesthetics again!

I went down to Ace Hardware and bought 5 rings to serve as upper/lower stops for the single protector and for the middle and ends of the longer hose.

They have a 1" I.D. and looked really nice ..shiny.

They are called "Welded Rings" and you can pick them up at ACE or online.

The installation was easy.