Key West Trip

Ok, Bill and I did a quick little trip out to Key West over a single weekend.
800 miles for two days!
All day riding on Saturday and Sunday, but it was fun.
A few pictures from the weekend!

All Road trips start with fast food!

Smooth sailing until we had to wait for a train at an intersection in Pahokee.

Finally at the Hotel (FairField Inn) in Key West. They had GREAT motorcycle parking!

Another shot of the hotel

From our balcony

This was actually taken at night with a long exposure!

Sloppy Joes!

Night life in Key West

Bikes outside of Sloppy Joes

Another night shot

In the morning getting ready to watch the Sun come up.

Here comes the sun!

A long exposure makes it look brighter than it was!

Bahia Honda Old Rail Bridge in the morning

That's all folks...great little road trip!