Jennings GP, May 26th 2008

Ok, so I've heard over and over how great it is taking your motorcycle to a race track.

A proper racetrack, where everyone is going the same direction and there are no cars.
The closest track to Orlando is in Jennings, just south of the Georgia State line.
It's called JenningsGP

Here is a map of the track

As tempted as I was to take one of my motorcycles, I decided to take my camera instead and check out the track while some of my friends did a "Track-Day" where they can ride whatever bike they want to, as long as it's "Track-Prepped".

So Bill and I went up there and shot some images of the folks going around the track.

Most of the images are of Claus and Brad from, who I've ridden with on several occasions.

All the other pictures are just folks that we saw riding around.

Next time I will have my bike on the track!

I don't think I will get the opportunity to ride with Claus and Brand at Jennings again, as they came down from Atlanta.
Next time, I will probably be riding with some of my friends from Central Florida Riders!