Handi Vac

Once in a blue moon, you come across a product that fits perfectly into a totally different use from what it was engineered for.

Velcro was like that. Duct tape too. Super Glue, to name a few.

I saw my first Handi Vac at Thanksgiving last year and I couldn't believe my eyes.
My sister-in-law pulled out this little cordless wonder, and proceeded to seal up some food she was saving.
In an instant I saw what I was looking for that no one seemed to manufacture.

As a motorcyclist, when I go on long trips, I am limited by what can fit in the saddlebags of my motorcycle.
I use Ziplock bags, not so much for their water tightness, but because I can suck the air out with my breath and conserve space!
When I do so, I can fit an amazing amount of gear into my saddlebags.

Sucking the air out with my breath is a skill that requires practice to get right. Even with all my experience, I always have air in the bags!.

No comments PLEASE!

I could do without Ziplock bags, but then I would have to cram the gear into the bag and cause undo stress on the zippers or latch.

If a little air *does* enter the bag, it's not a big deal since you've already packed things to a much smaller dimension.

Sure, the concept is not unique. However, no one made such a small vacuum pump that could easily be taken on the road with you.

No one made a device like the Handi Vac where you can re-use the bags over and over again!

Oh, and the Vac?
It's less than $15.00 and you can get it at Walmart in the food section!!!
eBay has them for less than $10.00!!

Some images of the device.

Everything fits in the 40L Hepco-Becker Bag!