Devil's Creek 2008

Once a year, Dixie Dual Sport does a ride in the Swamps around Devil's Creek, starting out at the Sertoma Boy's Ranch. There are usually two groups that attend.

One group does an Adventure Ride, and the other does the Dual Sport Ride.
This year I did it on my DR650se as I wanted more "Adventure" than working the bike in the Swamp

I didn't ride my new KLX250s because wasn't broken in.

Since the little KLX wasn't even a week old, I couldn't wring it out to keep up on the road. Next time! This was a DR650se day.

Pictures and a Movie!

Samantha and Bill reseting the roll chart distance.

Some Bikes at lunch


More bikes at lunch.

KTM was there for demo rides.

Samantha goofing

Bill having issues with his roll chart.

A bunch of us laughing at the roll chart situation and taking a break.

Me and Bill


There are hills in Florida!

Some of the dirty Dual Sport Rider's bikes.


More Bikes at Lunch. It was catered too!

Bikes again!

What?!? More Bikes?

Bill with a wave.

Last shot of bikes...I promise!

And now for a little Movie of our lunch break!