Barber Motorsports Park - August 2009

So I finally got up to Barber Motorsports Park. Late August, hot and fast. Oh yeah!

Bill couldn't make it, so Tammy agreed to go with me. Her new nick name for me is "Last Minute Lauren" since I called her on THURSDAY and we were leaving FRIDAY. Spontaneous is her middle name! Shes' a trooper and a certified track junkie! The trip was awesome and it turned into a Girl's Road trip with a Track day and a museum thrown in there. Of course, the Museum was the Barber Motorsports Museum.

The Track and Pics

As you can see, the Track is NOT flat and has many elevation changes.

The track day was supposed to be a ZZRBikes event, but Arthur/Wanda, Claus and I ended up being the only ones that could ultimately go. Arthur has raced on Barber before, Claus is more advanced than me and has ridden Barber, I am going but I can't hold a candle to either of them on this track - or any other? -, so we end up in Advanced, Intermediate and Novice groups for the day.

We were allowed to ride together on the final session in the Novice group and Arthur was allowed to take Wanda on the back of his ZX10R. That woman is FEARLESS!!!


Here I'm without any makeup, the hair looks like hell and I'm just getting ready (there is a reason why many women don't do sports like this).

It's foggy, I'm barely awake and I notice the TASSELS that Arthur and Tammy have put on my bike! The tassels passed tech inspection, but I took them off before I went out!!!


Tam and the gang.


I'm just getting a feel for the track here.

The elevation changes at Barber are AMAZING!!!

Claus starts doing his thing!


The ZZR Amigos! Yep, thats' Wanda on the back of a ZX10R!!! Sitting on a postage stamp at 100mph!!!

Cool shot of us all together!

Claus and I start to play. He takes the lead.

I get past after another lap!

He's coming down hard on me! I am trying to hold in front, but he is an intermediate rider and I'm just a novice!

Ultimately, Claus being the gentleman that he is, gave me enough fantasy time that I needed, and then put the HAMMER DOWN. He left me in the DUST!!! Thankfully Tammy doesn't have any pictures of when Claus took back the lead from me and made me look like the slow-poke that I am out there!!!

Claus had some mechanical issues out on the this pic you can see one of the fixes and the other went without him noticing. He *did* have some trouble with some shifts...can you spot why? You need two of *these* for the shifter to not move around. Can you spot what they are?

Claus' day at the beach.

Ahh..finally a place to relax and make some sand castles!

I'm good!


It was an awesome day and one for the memory books. No one got hurt, it was great weather and we did get to go to the Museum.

The Museum

I will post some picts of the museum when I get more time.

Lauren 8/31/2009