A little Adventure ride.

There are some video Hyperlinks in the Webpage!

Robert(Swampy), Laura(AdventureGirl), Bill and I rode in the woods in Swampy's special trails.

We were sworn to secrecy, so I can't give the location except for somewhere in the swamps in Florida.

Getting ready to cross my first log of the day...hmmm not too bad!

Then this MONSTER log showed up in the trail.
We built a ramp with dead logs to get up the side hidden from the camera.
I think bill is saying "What? It's only a log!!
I see how nice and clean the bike is here!!

Almost there!!

Bill doing his mud thing!
Thick globby-chocolate-stucky-mud.
Spin that tire Bill..you might dig your way to China!

Laura doing her mud thing.

Video - Abandon Ship!

Video - Swampy and Bill to the Rescue!

Video - Rescue Success!

Another happy water crossing

A little "whoop".

Cool bridge in the middle of nowhere

Bill with his Bridge crossing.

Video - Across the Alligator Infested Water!

Looking for traffic in the middle of nowhere

Bill doing his thing

Coming around a corner, letting the rear drift