2007 Cortech Tank Bag Review

Let me say that I am a HUGE Cortech customer. I own several Cortech jackets, pants and almost all of Cortech's luggage. If you look me up in the Cortech customer database youíll find that I have bought a few things directly from Cortech.

I just bought the new tank bag and there are some problems with it.

Design issues? Quality control in the neoprene tank protector?

Overall itís a great little bag, I LOVE the hidden straps! Great quality as in other Cortech products.

The smaller bag in the above picture is the wonderful original tank bag.

Eyeglass Holder

The new bag has a new Eyeglass holder as part of the bag. It seems like a good idea, except there is no way to access the Holder without un-buttoning the clear map pocket.

Neoprene Tank Protector

On the original bag, the neoprene base that goes against the gas tank itself is cut and curved to match the contours of the bag.

In the original version, there is not much neoprene that extends far from the bottom of the bag.

In the original version, there is just enough neoprene there to protect the gas tank; itís perfect.

The newer version has way too much neoprene. What happened? The pattern was off? Quality Control?

In the newer/larger version, there is too much neoprene that extends out from the base of the bag and getsí caught in the wind and looks terrible.

Neoprene Tank Protector Elastic Loops

On further examination of the neoprene tank protector, the elastic loops that hold the bag straps are not placed in the correct locations.

They are off about an inch or so. Compare the placement to the original/smaller bag.

I don't know what happened at CorTech as they seemed to have dropped the ball on this bag. It's a great bag, except for the useless eyeglass holder and the flaw in the neoprene bag protector.

Re-cut the neoprene pad to match the bag and make the clear map protector smaller and not attach to the eyeglass holder; Then this will be an amazing bag.